What is a Juice Cleanse?

A juice cleanse is primarily a good and safe way of detoxifying your body by using various fruit juices which have a lot of nutritional values. Our bodies tend to get quite overloaded with harmful toxins and carcinogens, mostly from the foods we eat, and sometimes from other factors such as radiation, daily pollution, or even the sun exposure.

Juice Cleanse

Due to these reasons, people have discovered a way to get rid of these toxins, by using a juice cleanse. Find out if a juice cleanse is right for you!

Juice Cleanse Benefits

For anyone using juice cleansing, they experience the actual benefits in their metabolic changes, and their emotional, spiritual and mental awareness to a greater level. This actually applies to everyone who has used the cleansing, regardless of the kind of lifestyle they had before.

Most people who choose to use juice cleansing actually very remarkable changes in various aspects in their life. Re-energizing is one of the many benefits people experienced after the detox, which mostly takes three days.

During the three days, the bodily functions that ever busy are allowed to take a break and rest as well as get time to rejuvenate. This allows great improvement in people’s health, good healthy looking skin, a lot of vitality and sharpness. This is actually caused by the many metabolic effects that are changing.

Increased Energy

Juice cleansing is believed to play an important role in reducing an individual’s caloric intake and this makes the liver to actually convert the previously stored glycogen to glucose and finally in to energy.

The central nervous systems together with the brain use this glucose directly. The Proteins breaks down easily and effectively.

Colon Cleanse Weight Loss

When the amount of glycogen stored reduces with time, the proteins actually tend to break down forming amino acids and they can actually be used as a good source of energy.

Weight Loss

The fat that is stored in a person’s body, including the fatty acids and the tissue fats, are actually properly used like energy and this is attained by converting ketones which are believed to help the body to protect any loss of protein.

One of the greatest advantages of using juice cleansing over any other cleansing methods such as water cleansing. Is because juice cleansing is known to have the ability to help a lot in preventing ketosis.

This can be easily and effectively prevented by supplying your whole body with just simple carbohydrates all the time that can actually be used by your body for giving nutrition and the required energy to all the cells.

Cleanses The Body

It is also important to note that juice cleansing will help a lot in the body’s process to eliminate any toxins by breaking down any chemicals stored or may be circulating in your body.

Juice cleansing is very beneficial in everyone’s liver. The liver is actually the basic organ that is believed to carry out the detoxification process and helps a lot in the generation of our health conditions in general.

The most essential nutrients give the natural detox programs, like the kidney, the colon, the lungs and even the blood to remove all the unwanted wastes and any toxins found in the system efficiently and in the right way.

Juice Cleanse Results

Important Vitamins & Minerals

All Fruits and any vegetable juices are very good sources of important nutrients and vitamins. On top of this, they are very easily digested and absorbed than the normal solid food without actually a lot of aggravation to our digestive system.

Due to these benefits, the juice cleansers give our body the required time to get rid of any toxins without actually absorbing new ones. At the same time, it enables the liver to have time to properly rejuvenate while repairing itself.

Conclusion: Should you do a Juice Cleanse?

There are several types of juices. Some are made of fruits. When making fruit juices, you actually combine the fruits that will work for you, and the ones will suit you well. There are vegetable juices too, which are made from vegetable extractions.

You shop for the vegetables you prefer and extract the juice. At the end of the day, they all do a lot in detoxifying and sometimes losing weight. For these juices to serve their purpose well, ensure that you properly clean them well before you extract your juice.

It is always highly recommended to do the juice cleanse in the warm months of the year, especially during the spring. The cold months are not favorable because the juice alone cannot sustain all the body functions in the cold environment.

Before starting your diet, preferably one week, eliminate or completely do away with foods like animal meat, eggs, caffeine sugar or any product associated with dairy.

Replace them with fruits and vegetables, or even beans. You can also include one meal per day in the course of your detox, but it should be healthy, without a lot of junk.