How to Cleanse Your Colon Naturally?

Our bodies have a complex design for digestion and expelling waste. After essential vitamins and nutrients are absorbed through the lining of the small intestines, the bulk waste works its way through the large intestines, or colon, to be eliminated.

During the course of a day, we eat up to three meals a day, plus snacks. This means that we should have at least one bowel movement daily to rid ourselves of the rotted waste that is stored in the colon.

Colon Cleanse Naturally

Unfortunately, not all of us go the bathroom normally. Many people suffer from constipation and have a “backed up” colon. That means that there can be a lot of waste matter just sitting and rotting in our colon.

Such problems can invite harmful bacteria problems or allow our body to absorb toxins from the waste. Toxic build-ups are a major contributor to disease.

Natural Colon Cleanse Benefits

Experts tell us that the second cause of cancer death in America is colon cancer. Many doctors are touting the benefits of natural colon cleansers to their patients.

Just as a car requires periodic flushing of its different systems, the body benefits from keeping the colon cleansed from impacted waste, possible parasites, and putrid toxins. A build-up of these can affect the rest of the digestion system as well as the immune system.

Before beginning any natural colon cleanse, people need to consult their physicians. The doctor can run a few tests to see if there are any underlying medical problems that might include the colon.

After a good checkup, he or she can explain the benefits of colon cleansing and may have some suggestions for natural ways.

First, many health professionals recommend a fast. It is hard to believe that the colon may contain a person’s last eight meals at any given time. That is quite a strain on the colon. The number of hours or days recommended for fasting would be up to a physician.

During the fast, it is recommended to drink a lot of water to keep hydrated and to give the colon a good flush. According to the natural cleanse remedy the person is using, this fast may include fresh juices or raw vegetables and fruit.

Natural Cleanse

Ways to Cleanse Your Colon

There are many natural herbal remedies available to help cleanse the colon during the fast. Some of these remedies may contain a proprietary blend of ginger, milk thistle, clove or chamomile. Such ingredients have been used for centuries to aid in digestion and to help maintain a healthy colon. Various recommended herbs may be ingested in a capsule or in tea.

Along with the fasting and cleansing herbs, some health experts recommend herbal enemas. Some people may feel a little squeamish at the thoughts of water and other ingredients being filtered into their rectum; however, many are surprised at the healing results. Whichever herbal plan a person may choose, the results should cleanse the colon of hidden waste, parasites, and toxins.

Additionally, natural colon cleansing ingredients usually include healthy fiber, such as psyllium husks and ground flaxseed. The bulk from the fiber in these natural additives absorb excess fluid and push stubborn waste through the colon to be eliminated.

Doctors are now telling their patients that the addition of healthy fiber results in a cleaner and healthier colon. They may also recommend ingesting bentonite clay. It is a type of clay that absorbs different toxins in the colon and helps flush them out.

After doing an initial colon cleanse, a lot of people keep the regiment of fiber and bentonite clay in their diet to keep their colon cleaner and to stay regular in bowel movements.

If we had a microscope, we would all probably be surprised at the vast biosphere of microscopic flora in our digestive system. These beneficial bacteria help the body break down food and absorb nutrients.

Detox Cleanse Naturally

Changing Your Lifestyle

Our eating habits and lifestyles are often damaging to them and reduce their number. In doing so, we are more apt to harbor harmful bacteria that can compromise our immune systems and make us sick.

Therefore, many natural colon cleansing programs suggest the addition of probiotics to people’s diets. It helps replenish the naturally-occurring flora that helps keep our digestive tract healthy. Healthy probiotics fight against harmful bacteria and make us less prone to diseases.

Picking the Right Colon Cleanse

There are a lot of natural colon cleansers on the market and some may be more beneficial than others. That is why it is so important for people to have routine checkups from their physicians and to discuss the colon cleanser that is right for them. It is easy for people to do in the privacy of their own homes and they do not even need a prescription.

A majority of the people who have done a cleansing routine report themselves as feeling lighter and less sluggish. They often see benefits such as having more energy during the day and being able to sleep better at night.

They also report a reduction or complete elimination of such things as heartburn, bloating and indigestion. With all of these benefits, it is little wonder why people are finding out more about natural colon cleansing.