How Does a Colon Cleanse Work?

Sometimes, cleaning out your colon is necessary. For example, if you’re getting a colonoscopy for a certain medical procedure, you’ll need to first thoroughly cleanse your colon. However, some people believe that cleaning out their colon will eliminate toxic buildup that’s accumulated over time due to their specific diet, the kind of water they drink, the lifestyles they generally lead, and the air that they breathe as well.

Colon Cleanse Work

Many people think that cleaning their colons periodically will eliminate the toxic waste that sticks to the walls of their colon. This buildup allegedly creates harmful toxins that eventually enter the bloodstream and gradually affect the system along with various symptoms, such as bloating, fatigue, weight gain, irritated skin, and a plethora of health issues including arthritis, allergies, depression, and even cancer.

There are primarily two different ways to cleanse the colon. The first method includes ingesting bowel-cleansing laxatives, enemas, powders, or drinking healthy herbal teas to supposedly release the excess waste in the colon and dispel the toxins.

However, this technique may feel more like harsh diarrhea than normal colon cleansing. Many people today use quality colon cleanse supplements in order to help keep their colon clean and in good-working order.

Six Key Benefits of Colon Cleansing

1. Promotes Weight Loss

Probably the biggest benefit of keeping your colon clean is losing significant amounts of weight. By eliminating the toxins that impact biological aging you can actually rev-up your metabolism and shed as much as 10-20 pounds over the course of just one month in many cases. Also, many people claim how well their energy levels return after cleansing their colons and feeling generally ‘lighter’ overall.

Garcinia Cambogia Colon Cleanse

2. Maintains Proper pH Balance

A thoroughly cleansed colon will enhance the body’s ability to absorb vitamins, minerals, and nutrients instead of releasing harmful bacteria and toxins through the walls of the colon. Many foods that are considered acid-forming can cause blockages in the colon, especially high-protein diets that lack fiber.

In fact, the colon’s tissue can actually become inflamed and diseased, thereby diminishing its ability to function properly. Therefore, if parasites, bacteria, fungus, molds, fecal matter, and yeasts get into the bloodstream and tissue, the pH of the body will eventually go out of balance and disease will likely occur.

3. Decreases the Risk of Colon Cancer

Toxins that you breathe, eat, and drink can literally wreak havoc on your system. Colon cleansing can help reduce the risk of developing polyps, cysts, and other cancerous growths throughout your gastrointestinal tract.

4. Increases Overall Fertility

Both increased fiber intake and colon cleansing will naturally improve regularity as well as help you maintain your weight. Fat is primarily estrogen-based. Therefore, if there’s too much present, getting pregnant is that much harder.

A colon that’s build up through years of poor food choices can affect the uterus as well as a woman’s nearby reproductive organs and cause undue stress and strain.

Cleansing the colon and ridding the body of excess toxins and chemicals will help support both the egg and sperm. In fact, several naturopaths today suggest that both partners perform a colon cleanse before even trying to have a baby.

5. Improves Your Body’s General Well-Being

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that in addition to the physical benefit of cleaning out your colon, you’ll naturally just feel better all over, both inside and out. Studies show that fecal matter can exist in the colon indefinitely. But, once it’s released there’s often a sense of being ‘reborn’.

Ridding your colon of damaging toxins and wastes by releasing layer upon layer of build up inside the walls of the colon can result in strong feelings of physical strength, lightness of mood and positivity, and good health overall. For many people, depression is no longer an issue once they eliminate all that harmful waste from their system.

Improved Mood

6. Improves Better Focus and Concentration

Are you easily distracted and have a hard time focusing on the tasks at hand? Is it hard for you to concentrate for a considerable amount of time?

A poor diet and toxic buildup inside your colon both contribute to keeping your body from operating at an optimal level. Therefore, colon cleansing will naturally improve your focus and concentration.

Overall, colon cleansing can greatly improve the wellness and health of your body. It’s rejuvenating to finally release all those pollutants from your system. Individuals who regularly clean their colons have better blood circulation, more energy, and also sleep better at night.