Dr. Oz Cleanse

From stress reduction to weight loss, Dr. Oz has dedicated his life to helping others enhance their lives through better health. However, the basis of all of his suggestions involves expelling bodily toxins and limiting their reintroduction. You can cleanse your body numerous ways, and because of this, Dr. Oz has developed many cleansing routines to fit various lifestyles.

Dr Oz Cleanse

Major Benefits of Detoxification

No matter which body cleanse you choose, the results provide holistic benefits. Because the presence of excessive toxins in the body can harm system function, the body needs to work hard toward eliminating them.

This causes excessive stress on organs and significantly depletes energy. For this reason, following cleansing routines, whether they be intense or relaxed, is important to one’s overall health.

Although organ health is significant, achieving such improves other factors. Because the removal of toxins reduces the energy needs of organ systems, energy becomes more readily available for physical activity and mental function.

Reducing energy use by overworked systems also allows other systems that should be working harder to do so, such as the immune system and metabolism.

Detox Dr Oz

Contributing holistically, detoxification not only reduces strain on organs but also increases oxygen flow and nutrient intake; therefore, aiding in beauty, lessening bacteria that leads to bad breath, and slowing the aging process.

Literally improving every aspect of health, anyone can find interest in detoxification benefits. The following briefly overviews of some of Dr. Oz’s most popular cleanses fitting for those with varying needs and strengths.

One Day Cleanse

Despite its rigidity, this strategy is perfect for those who are not so good at committing to a day-after-day routine. In this process, one begins the day with warm lemon water to begin detoxification and boost metabolism.

This drink is followed up by Dr. Oz’s Glowing Green Smoothy, a snack of fresh vegetables, and a warm salad with tomato-basil soup. Fast and effective, the 1 day cleanse can be used periodically to lessen continual bodily stress.

Dr Oz Green Drink

48-Hour Cleanse

Doubling the effectiveness, this cleanse requires individuals to follow Dr. Oz’s menu selections for 2 days in a row.

Also beginning with warm lemon water, this meal plan consists of Quinoa and chopped prunes, a kale juice drink, a blueberry smoothy, fresh vegetables, shitake mushroom vegetable broth, and a pineapple pomegranate drink.

Three Day Cleanse

Enhancing detoxification beyond the 48-hour mark, this cleanse involves a more powerful regimen. Consisting of cleansing drinks and small snacks, this routine is much more invasive. However, the inclusion of vitamin supplements, probiotics, and a detoxification bath bring greater benefit.

Five Day Cleanse

Offering a complete flushing of the digestive tract and encouraging the growth of digestive-friendly bacteria, this routine gives individuals a fresh start to a healthy lifestyle.

Beginning with a full day of juices, the days that follow offer numerous menu choices that are more solid than liquid. Easier to follow for many, this process may take more time but the regimen is often found to be more appealing.

Swimsuit Cleanse

Boasting the ability to bring about a 1-pound-a-day weight reduction along with detoxification benefits, this routine begins with 1 day of protein-powder-packed smoothies. However, the days after become easier.

In days 2 through 7, this diet-detox plan allows for 3 serving of protein, 3 serving of whole grains, and healthy fats. The least invasive, this regimen not only helps one look good at the beach but also gives energy and helps eliminate toxins.

Before After Colon Cleanse

Oregano Cleanse

Simple and tasty, this is more a beneficial behavior than a cleansing plan. Stimulating bacteria reduction, the ingestion of higher quantities of oregano has benefits much like other cleansing regimens. Eating foods rich in the herb and enjoying 2 or 3 cups of oregano tea per day can keep unwanted bacteria at bay.

Skin Detox Drink

Making this drink part of one’s daily beauty regimen can help maintain improved texture and the youthful appearance of skin. Simply juice together carrots, bell pepper, cucumber, lemon, and apple for visible results in as little as three days.

Despite that toxin cleansing does not require a continual routine, successfully completing a detox plan can boost one’s motivation and ability to effectively employ daily efforts toward health. The bottom line is, that cleansing periodically for better health is highly beneficial; however, using what one learns in the process to establish long-term healthy habits can better one’s life as a whole.