Ask anyone how best to lose weight and their response will be diet and exercise. Simply change what you eat and do some cardio and you’re guaranteed to reach that ideal weight goal eventually. In theory, this is perhaps an effective method, but anyone who’s battled weight issues will attest to the fact that it’s neither that simple nor that easy. Sometimes a little extra help is needed.


What is a Colon Cleanse?

Colon Cleansing is the process of voiding your body of feces, dangerous bacteria and other toxic waste lining the gastrointestinal tract. Proper hydration and a diet rich in fiber should be enough to achieve regular and healthy bowel movements where the body naturally secretes waste.

However, the reality is the average diet is full of processed food and dangerous chemicals that cannot be removed by water and fiber alone. Colon Cleanses are thus performed to rid the body of any buildup of waste that, over time, can have deleterious effects on your body, your health, and your weight.

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As for the actual process, there are several options for a Colon Cleanse. Since the basic idea behind a cleanse is to rid your body of toxins, laxatives, herbal teas and dietary supplements such as enzymes or magnesium are the easiest options.

When taken orally, these supplements aid in detoxification by sending the body into overdrive as it expels any and everything lingering in your colon.


Alternative options are an enema or colonic irrigation, which involves filling your colon with water or a sodium phosphate solution. These more-involved processes directly flush your system of waste and other toxic buildup and thus can be more efficient than waiting for oral supplements to work.

Colon Cleansing and Weight Loss

Anytime you’re flushing your body of toxins it’s a good thing, but Colon Cleanses have the additional benefit of aiding weight loss. To be clear, a Colon Cleanse doesn’t excise the fat from your body, instantly leaving you ten pounds lighter, though you might lose one or two pounds initially.

Instead, by removing the buildup of waste and toxins, a Colon Cleanse returns your body to its natural, most healthy state, allowing you to move forward with a healthier diet void of processed food and dangerous chemicals that only serve to pollute your body and compromise your health.


Additionally, the side effects of a clogged colon include gas, bloating, constipation and cramps. The detoxification achieved through a Colon Cleanse eliminates this discomfort and restores energy, which is necessary for the active lifestyle of someone who’s achieved their ideal weight.

Tips to Remember:

If taking oral supplements, monitor for side effects and stay hydrated. Repeated bowel movements can very quickly lead to dehydration.

With enemas, the best results are achieved if the liquid solution is retained in the colon for a short period before bowel movements begin.

And finally, colonic irrigation should be performed by trained practitioners in a sterile, controlled environment instead of performed at home.

The Start of a Healthier You

If your body isn’t healthy on the inside, you’ll never be healthy on the outside, regardless of how many hours spent at the gym or how many calories you cut from a daily diet. Colon Cleansing is a practice that has existed for centuries, dating all the way back to ancient Egypt.

If you’re serious about getting healthy and losing weight, the first place to start is with a full-body detoxification through a Colon Cleanse.

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