Best Colon Cleanse For Weight Loss

There are a massive amount of problems that are associated with having a clogged up colon, which truly inevitably happens as we go through life. The shocking thing is, there are so many health problems that are associated with this issue and it often leads people to try all sorts of things to fix their problems to no resolve.

Colon Cleanse Weight Loss

If you have never done a colon cleanse before and you often feel tired and lethargic throughout the day, or if you have become depressed and do not feel like getting out of bed anymore, you should try a colon cleanse.

The extra material that is hanging around in your colon can make you feel tired and lazy and will without a doubt increase the amount of times you get sick throughout the year. It is kind of like having clogged up pipes in a home and continually trying to feed water and other materials through them.

Keeping Your Colon Healthy

If you do not keep your colon healthy, you have a much higher risk of developing colon cancer, as well as a ton of other types of illnesses and ailments. There is no question that it is beneficial to do a colon cleanse and everyone should do one at least once a year if you can.

When it comes to doing a colon cleanse, there are literally hundreds of different plans to follow, diets and pills that can help to clean out your colon. There are too many to name and the results are truly scattered completely across the board.

There are some tried and true, basic colon cleanses that will generally get the job done, but it is great if you add additional supplements to your regimen, which will increase your ability to remove unwanted material from your colon.

Types of Colon Cleanses

One of the classic colon cleanses is the lemon and salt water flush. This consists of fasting for several weeks at a time, while basically only drinking lemon juice, although you can add a bit of maple syrup to the lemon juice if you would like.

The idea here is to restrict your diet to lemon juice, as lemon water is incredibly cleansing the colon and will give your body a thorough cleaning, that is unless you eat other food during your cleanse.

Weight Loss for Colon Cleanse

The goal here is to not eat any other foods, which can be difficult if you have never done this before. Fasting can make you feel sick and lethargic, but you have to keep in mind that by doing this, you are cleaning out your body and are going to be healthier when you are finished.

The salt part of the cleanse comes into play once a day and it consists of drinking about a two-liter bottle full of a salt and water solution.

You simply add several tablespoons of salt into a large container of warm water and consume it, which will flush out your system completely. Be sure to be near a bathroom during this time, because your system is going to completely flush out within an hour or two, after which the process will be done and you can go about your day.

Most people find it preferable to do this first thing in the morning and then sip on their lemon juice for the remainder of the day. There really is no limit to the amount of lemon juice that you drink, but the more that you consume, the better the process really is.

Losing Weight with Cleanse

There are several other methods you can try, but the lemon juice method is hands down the most consistent and is very highly rated by a ton of different people. That being said, you should absolutely add in some supplements to your daily routine, as this will help your body get rid of the things that have been weighing your body and your colon down.

There are a ton of different products, but all of them pretty much contain the same similar ingredients. A handful of them include flax seed, acidophilus, psyllium husks, cascara sagrada, and senna leaves, but there are a ton of other ingredients out there that all aim to flush out the system and restore much needed nutrients to the body.

Another thing that you should absolutely consider bringing into your diet, although it may take a while longer because you can take this supplement for a very long time and still see results is bentonite clay.

Best Colon Cleanse

If you are aiming to clean your colon, you should absolutely be consuming bentonite clay every single day, as it has proven to be a very powerful colon cleanser, but it also does a ton of other great things for the body.

Keep in mind that you should stop taking bentonite clay after a handful of months, although you can start the process over after you have given your body a break for a while.

The best way that you can cleanse your colon is to put your body on a fast and do the lemon and salt water cleanse, while at the same time taking supplements that contain nutrients that will help rid toxins from the colon.

Adding bentonite clay to your diet every single day will enhance this process and although each one of these separate methods has had a great amount of success for a lot of people, implementing them together at the same time is hands down the best method.

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